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Lake Janis

2.5kg Prince of Orange Potato, local

2.5kg Prince of Orange Potato, local

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The Prince of Orange potato is a fingerling potato with a reddish skin and yellow flesh. It has a creamy texture with a buttery flavour. 

Grown in the fertile soils of the Damper Gully farm in Manjimup using biodynamic and regenerative farming practices.

Prince of Orange is a brilliant all rounder and is perfect for almost any dish. From roasts and stews, sliced on the BBQ, curries, baked whole or chipped, mashed, made into a gnocchi or in a salad.

Manjimup, Western Australia

Prince of Orange Potatoes

No known allergens.

Store in a in a cool, dark, dry place.  

Shelf Life:
Up to a few months if stored correctly.

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