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Mature Cheddar, MAFFRA

Mature Cheddar, MAFFRA

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Mature Cheddar by Maffra is a multi-award winning cheddar and is one of their signature cow’s milk cheeses. The cheese is matured for up to 9 months which results in a smooth palate, delicate crumb and moist, ‘full of mouth’ texture experience. Made using the spring milk from a single herd of Holstein Friesians, Maffra Mature Cheddar embodies the richness of Gippsland’s dairy country.

Maffra Cheese Co. is located on a dairy farm near Maffra, in the heart of Gippsland’s lush dairying country. This is where cheeses are hand crafted the old way, using little mechanisation.

Enjoy as part of a ploughman’s lunch or with a slab of sourdough bread. This delicious cheese is an essential for your next cheese platter.

Victoria, Australia.

Cow’s milk, salt, non-animal rennet, starter culture.

Milk. May contain traces of other allergens due to possible cross contamination.


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