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Local Pasture Raised Pork Mince 1kg PREORDER

Local Pasture Raised Pork Mince 1kg PREORDER

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Naked Pantry has the honour of presenting a local Pork Farmer with incredible regenerative practices.  

Grown By: Fernslope Free Range Pigs 
Heritage Breed: Wessex Saddleback


Fernslope are all about naturally raised pork.  They have low stocking rates & a sustainably managed rotational grazing system put in place allowing them to focus on the health and well-being of each pig.  Their pigs are raised outdoors from birth with unrestricted access to pasture.  Unlike commenced Willy eased pork, Heritage breeds grow slower, which gives the meat an incredible taste & marbling. 

AVAILABLE VIA PREORDER ONLY, if you require any different cuts or bulk please contact us in advance. 

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